Is this the future of retail?

As the presence of online shopping increases, and younger shoppers becoming more reliant on doorstep shops, deliveries and conveniences, shoppers are becoming more focused on speed and efficiency.

In Helsinki, a new concept environment by the local postal service, Posti, has become a destination for the cities online shoppers. As a self-service collection point for packages and parcels, the space offers a full rounded service for its customers. From “spotlight” areas that brands can take over to showcase product, through to contact less locker pick up points. Box Helsinki, encourages customers to shop online, whilst being conscious to the environments and the necessities of an online shopper.

Expanding their portfolio of store, H&M’s Mitte Garten store, known as a “hyper-local”, is a curated showroom and shoppable space of womenswear, vintage pieces and selected local brands. As a new concept for H&M the aim was to encourage multi-brand shopping whilst a digital tool encouraging the pairing of H&M products with the showcased in-store collection. As the store has evolved, the inclusion of local brands, a cafe and space for events has encouraged the store to become a meeting place and neighbourhood destination for Berliners.

Finally, Nordstrom have aimed to answer one question - “How do I get more of my store to where the people are?”. Downsizing into local neighbourhoods, Nordstrom have approached their local store concept with a view to create a showroom, merchandise-free space that focusses on experience and service. From online order collection, alternations, stylists and tailoring services, Nordstrom Local becomes a rounded “service hub”.