A snapshot of our visit to NK Stockholm’s new sportswear department in February 2020.

Whilst in Stockholm earlier this year, we had the chance to visit NK’s newest department. Over 2000 square meters of space transforms the visual perception of sportswear and outdoor brands. As the department store aims to rejuvenate their image the combination of urban sports and active outdoor environments into a universal space have been executed through a developed material palette, new age technology and curated products.

From brutalist inspired steel furniture, tactical concrete claddings and soft chip foam seating, the scheme acts as a natural yet urban inspired backing for a multi-brand department. Product almost feels as a second element within the space, as eye level height rails keeps clothing from the floor and banks of tables and units keep bulk stock hidden whilst hero products become elevated feature through silicone plinths.

On reflection, this progressive and pioneering environment creates a bench mark for how sports and outdoors retailers could, and should be perceived by encouraging experience led collective shopping.