With Earth Day 2020 just passing we wanted to share a selection of brands we love that have adopted a responsible approach in response to ever changing and adpating global landscape.


Based in Margate, England this beauty brand manufacture the most effective natural products from sustainable resources and uses their brand, identity and narrative to inspire while implementing solutions to aid our planets ocean crisis.


A long standing client and friend of ours Raeburn is led by Christopher Raeburn and Graeme Raeburn along side a talented team of pattern cutters, designers and material developers. Based in Hackney, London in their Lab they design, develop and produce their ranges as well as running community workshops using off cuts of material to make products.

More recently they collaborated with Layer to design a range of furniture for London Design Festival made from repurposed parrachutes.


COS, part of the H&M group have been working passionately to be leaders in sustainability. Working with WWF for the last 11 years they are now in the process of launching COS Restore which provides new life to products by repairing damaged clothes and reselling at a reduced cost.

Collaborating with their partners The Renewal Workshop they have launched this campaign in Europe and USA.


With a goal to establish a circular economy in the flooring industry, Tarkett is invested in cradle to cradle production.

The company's take-back ReStart programme sees it collect not only its own flooring, but also flooring from its competitors – gathering off-cuts and used vinyl, linoleum and carpet flooring to be recycled back into its own products.


Carcel is a repsonsible fashion brand based in Copenhagen giving opportunities to jailed women in Peru. A fashion label with a goal to combine social responsibility and sustainability. The brand's
high-quality products are made exclusively by women in prison using 100 percent natural materials and disregarding traditional seasons in order to sell all products and avoid waste.

With a transaprent approach to pricing and exposing all aspects of the process the brand has built trust with their customers as well as creating an inspiring narrative.


A materials science company on a mission to save our environment. They are a global collective of one heart and many hands scientists, technologists, designers  creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.

They design products for living in, for any situation and for basic needs. We create our products with smart technology and use as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible.