Norse Projects, Soulland, Wood Wood, Le Fix, and Mads Nørgaard have collaborated on a t-shirt collection in reponse to Covid-19 and to raise money for the homeless in Denmark

The collection comprises of five colourways of the same T-shirt, all of which feature a graphic designed by Wood Wood co-founder Brian SS Jensen. The graphic itself was created following the global outbreak of COVID-19, with Jensen using it to showcase the shared values and history of the five brands from across Copenhagen.

Each brand is represented in its own colorway of the T-shirt, with Norse Projects covering the graphic in blue, Soulland going for grey, Wood Wood sporting black, Le Fix opting for red and Mads Nørgaard featuring Orange. All proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will be donated to Hus Forbi, an organisation that supports the homeless in Denmark.